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Frequently Asked Questions

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Migrate is a native macOS productivity empowerment solution designed to give you a grip on your websites migrations. It helps you save time by using our unique mechanism to detect serialized data and run a special find & replace on it ensuring that the data is not corrupted.

Absolutely. We have the utmost respect for your privacy. Your information is safe and secure with Migrate.

We support multiple account types. From server account with SFTP, SFTP with private key, FTP, FTP with TLS/SSL and FTP with implicit SSL, to localhost accounts and archive accounts, such as zip archives or cloud accounts.

Migrate is secured using KeyChain app, following Apple’s security framework.

We offer Migrate Premium for our Pro binarieslabs. If you are a normal binarieslab, you can still get all the most used features for free. But if you want to support future development and the team, you can subscribe to Migrate and unlock extra powerful features.

Nope. We hate ads, just like you do.

Not yet! We are working on an Android version to be launched soon.

“I find the customer service very praiseworthy, which is very accommodating and friendly when problems and questions arise.”

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