What is Migrate app?

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    Migrate allows you to transfer websites, files, documents, and databases for one location to another with ease. It allows you to schedule a migration for a specific time in order to automate your processes and with a simple easy to use history list, you can check your completed archives and logs.

    Unique Approach

    Migrate allows you to create multiple account types. From server account with SFTP, SFTP with private key, FTP, FTP with TLS/SSL and FTP with implicit SSL, to localhost accounts and archive accounts, such as zip archives or cloud accounts.

    Out-of-the-box performance

    Automate your migration so the computer does the hard work, not you.
    Your website is not the place for having your migration tools in it.

    System requirements

    Before you start, take a look into the system requirements to run Migrate app:

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